F Machine Pros NO853

Welcome to F Machine Pros, the new world wide industry leader in fucking machines. This mechanical hi torque sex machine runs on 60 watt 24v silent motor from a remote hand control allowing you to adjust the speed of the thrust rod by you or your partner from 0-240 rpm. Not only does it have the best speed control ability, but this self-standing fucking machine uses no tools needed in pleasure angle positioning. It's designed with finger grip knobs for stroke arm reach, giving you the desired thrust needed. The pole stands have the same design adjustment control positioning.

How To Use Your F Machine Pro:

FMachinePros.com is where you'll find a portable high- tech fucking machine for women and men fucked by huge dildos. Hold on and strap yourself to one of these anal thrust machines that fuck hard and fast. These simple to use masterbators give real female orgasms and girls squirting cum. Hardcore machine fucking guarantees that hot girls get off, with quality built remote control machine sex designed for one purpose; to make women cum hard, and men to get off. With a fmachinepro you will experience the way a porn star gets fucked by robotic sex machine and true hard cock.

Strap a high definition video camera on our f machine and make your own porn movies. Use them for Interactive forums and hardcore group sex chats online, or maybe it will be his or her first time.

There is no better way to audition girls and guys for kinky porn movies than with a dildo sex machine fucking hardcore anal fucking, pussy fucking, deep probing G-spot fucking or explosive female ejaculation, the woman's pleasure is genuine. You'll know when she screams in orgasm she's cumming hard. NO853 Fmachinepro uses big dildos that are vac u locked to the shaft of the machines giving powerful thrust guarantee real female pleasure. You'll know it when you see it: these girls are having the time of their lives.


Looking to buy a fucking machine gadget? The ShockSpot Fucking Machine lets you program the speed, stroke and with the design of the fully adjustable positioning stand,this allows you to position this linear dildo machine in what fuck position you or your lover wants to be pounded!". The safe sex fucking Shockspot produces motions that are impossible any for rotary- based machines to perform.

How the ShockSpot Works!

You can control the stroke length, speed, smoothness and pattern at the touch of a button. The system instantly responds to your commands through the Touch and Feel software installed on your PC, laptop computer or palm button. You have the option of selecting pre-programmed routines or creating your own using our intuitive point and click programming page. Store and share your programs with other Shockspot users over the Internet. Save your programs with easy to remember names of your choice and recall in seconds.

With this quality made robitic cock fucking machine motor you can start your own social sexual Internet service, the Shockspot Robotic Fucking Machine screams class and sophistication. Studies indicate that couples who enjoy vibrators have happier sex lives, so if you're less about class and more about ass then the robtic ShockSpot is for you!


Looking to get your girl off while on a motorcycle ride? The viberider will pulsate harder while reving your sportbike, cruiser, harley, or bobber at will. A controller box will be installed where the driver at each and the A stilulator will need to be installed, inside the passanger seat to create the pulsating vibration between her legs while sitting behind you during motorcycle rides.

Quite simply it is a small electronic device that is installed in the passenger seat of your motorcycle that produces an amplified and centralized pulsating sensation which you control. Once installed it is undetectable to the eye and your secret.

How the VibeRider Works!

The vaginal stimulator is connected to a control box which is small enough to be mounted anywhere on the motorcycle and turning it on is as easy as flipping a switch. We even built in a turbo button that allows you to bypass the synchronized mode and go right into high power mode. The driver is definitely in control of her sexual experience. We don't mean to brag, but rest assured we have designed the Vibe-Rider to work on all motorcycles and fit in any type of seat - its easy to install too!

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